How to ensure your uPVC doors and windows are secure!

How to ensure that your uPVC doors & windows are secure.

A lot of homes now come with uPVC doors and windows, mainly due to their relative cheapness and energy efficiency. As heating bills rise, making sure your house is as energy efficient as possible is many people’s top priority.  But doors and windows clearly have another aspect: security.

It’s important to consider how secure your uPVC doors and windows are, as they’re one of the main points of entry for a would-be burglar. This article hopes to give you some pointers on how to ensure your uPVC doors and windows are as secure as they can possibly be, so you can rest easy knowing that your home, and valuables, are safe.

uPVC Door Locks

Most uPVC doors will come with fairly basic locks that are fairly susceptible to lock snapping. Lock snapping is a very common method burglars use to break into properties that have a euro cylinder. Most uPVC doors have euro cylinders, so your doors will be vulnerable to this sort of break in method. It doesn’t even require any specialist knowledge, so it’s by far the most common way houses are broken into.

To prevent lock snapping, you can upgrade the cylinder in your uPVC door to a SS312 diamond approved lock such as the Brisant Ultion. This is the highest achievable standard for lock cylinders, and it has a number of methods to prevent lock snapping.

To find out whether or not your uPVC doors have adequate locks, you can employ a locksmith to do a security survey of your property. They’ll be able to tell you whether or not your locks need updating, as well as providing other tips on security for your home.

Protecting your uPVC windows

All your windows, both upstairs and downstairs, should be fitted with at least one key operated lock. Fortunately, most uPVC windows will come equipped with locks. We’d be very surprised if they didn’t!

There are some other things you can do in order to make your uPVC windows more secure as well. For instance, you can purchase window restrictors. These are devices which prevent your windows from being opened fully. Normally these are seen as a safety measure rather than a security one because they’re designed to stop people falling out, but this doesn’t mean they can’t prevent people getting inside your house.

You could also go for grilles and bars on the outside of your windows. These mean that even if intruders manage to open or break your windows, they won’t be able to climb through them. Finally, you could purchase reinforced glass which will help defend against direct attacks to your windows.

Hopefully this information has helped you understand the world of uPVC door and window security a little better, and given you some tips on how to improve the security of your own home. Unfortunately, burglary is a constant threat, and one you always need to be prepared for. So get a locksmith in to do a security audit, and invest in some top end locks. You won’t regret it!

For more information on uPVC door and window lock replacements & upgrades get in touch with County Homes Locksmiths today on: 07769 312235.

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